Landscape designer in Malibu

Landscape Designer in Malibu

Terroir Malibu is a full service landscaping company in Malibu, CA offering landscaping services with an organic approach. 


Landscape Design & Installation

Landscape designer in Malibu, CA

As a professional landscape designer, we can design and install every stage of your landscaping project

Drought Tolerant Landscaping

Malibu landscaping

We specialize in creating beautiful landscapes without the "desert" look, resulting in reduced water bills

Fire-Resistant Landscape Designs

Water features in Malibu, CA

Are  you  interested  in  making  your  landscape  more  fire  resistant?  We  can  show  you  how

Landscape Maintenance

Landscape maintenance in Malibu, CA

All of our landscaping services are 100% organic. We offer weekly landscape maintenance, and specialize in large estates

Organic Gardening

Organic vegetable gardens in Malibu, CA

We can install and maintain the organic vegetables and fruit trees that do best in Malibu

Water Conservation

Landscaping in Malibu, CA

We can lower your water bill by as much as 50% without removing your existing landscape