Fire resistant landscaping in Malibu, CA

fire resistant landscaping

Malibu has always been vulnerable to fires. That threat will never go away. However, there are things we can do in the landscape to drastically reduce the risks of a wildfire destroying your home. By installing fire resistant landscaping, you are giving your home and landscape the best chance for surviving a fire.

For instance, did you know that there are some plants that should never be planted near a home? Oftentimes it's best to have few, if any plants within 5 feet of the home. Some plants are rated for planting 20 feet from a home, others for 50 feet from a home.

When designing a landscape, it's important to be intentional about plant and tree locations. It's also essential to not have flammable structures such as wood decks or fences connecting to your home.

Existing landscapes

If you feel that your existing landscape is not fire safe, we can make recommendations on which plants or trees should be removed. We can also suggest fire safe alternatives for replacement options