Landscape maintenance and gardeners in Malibu, CA

organic Landscape maintenance

We cater to homeowners in Malibu who really care about their gardens and landscapes. They have often tried getting by with "gardeners" who do their best, but who often don't have the training and experience required to handle an upscale property. Eventually, these homeowners get tired of watching their investment deteriorate, and they begin looking for a professional landscaper who is skilled and knowledgeable.

This is where we come in.

We usually begin by doing a thorough and detailed cleanup. This often involves properly pruning and training all of the plants, weeding all of the neglected areas, fertilizing and mulching as necessary, etc.

Next, we assess the irrigation system. Many times the sprinklers are leaking, broken, mismanaged, and improperly programmed on the timer. We methodically go through the entire system and make all the necessary repairs and upgrades.

Finally, we fill in any empty areas with the appropriate new plantings required to give the property a full, lush, "completed" look.

Weekly Maintenance

Once the landscaping is looking great, we begin the weekly maintenance that is essential to preserving the integrity of the property. We only use organic sprays and fertilizers, so your family and pets will never be exposed to any harmful chemicals or residues. We are skilled in pest and disease identification and treatment; we know how and when to properly prune your plants; we know how and when to fertilize each plant with the appropriate fertilizer; and we are skilled in sprinkler diagnosis and repairs. We are licensed, bonded, and insured, and we specialize in maintaining large estates. In order to ensure excellent customer service, we only serve the Malibu area.

We look forward to seeing how we might be of service to you and your property.

Organic Fruits and Vegetables

We also specialize in organic fruit orchards and organic vegetable gardens. Please visit our Organic Vegetable Gardens & Orchards page