Water feature in Malibu, CA

About us

Andrew  Ferguson,  founder  and  CEO  of  Terroir Malibu,  is  a    life  long  native  of  Malibu.  After  graduating  from  UCLA,  Andrew  wanted  a  career  that  didn’t  involve  wearing  a  suit  and  sitting  behind  a  desk.  He  also  wanted  a  job  that  would  allow  him  to  continue  to  work  and  live  in  Malibu.

He  soon  discovered  landscaping, and  the joys  of  working  outdoors  in  the  beauty  and  climate  of  Malibu.  Since  Andrew  discovered  organic  foods  in  his  college  years,  it  only  made  sense  to  pursue  landscaping  with  an  organic  approach.  

After  working as  a  landscape  contractor  for  several  years,  Andrew  founded  Terroir  Malibu  with  the  intent  of  designing  unforgettable  landscapes  in  a  sustainable  manner.

What is “terroir”?

Terroir (pronounced  tare-WAH)  is  a  French  word  that  loosely  translates  to  “a  sense  of  place.”  The  term  terroir  is  often  used  by  winemakers  to  describe  how  the  unique  culmination  of  soil,  climate,  and  environmental  factors  of  a  particular  place  affect  the  taste  and texture  of  their  wines.  We  are  inspired  by  the  concept  of  terroir  and  are  passionate  about  creating landscape  designs  that  are  truly  one of  a  kind.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who will work on my landscape?

The only people who will work on your property are Terroir Malibu employees. We have over 25 years of experience landscaping in Malibu and have excellent references.

Are you insured and licensed?

We are a licensed Landscape Contractor, and are fully insured with Workers Comp, General Liability, etc.  We are also bonded and can provide certificates for additional insured if required.

What kind of landscaping do you do?

We do many styles of landscaping, but we specialize in drought-tolerant landscapes that look lush.  We also specialize in fire-resistant landscapes.